Online Grocery Shopping Takes Over: Survey

People who have adapted to the convenience of online food shopping now prefer to order groceries online at the last minute and enjoy the ease of having them delivered right to their doorstep. Although the trend is becoming popular now, it has taken some time for people to realize the benefits of online grocery websites. Moreover, it is the general consensus among the public that the pandemic has played a major role in driving consumers to recognize an online grocery store as a viable and convenient alternative to traditional stores.

According to a recent survey on Indian online grocery shopping, the country has emerged as a major hub for e-commerce companies. As many as 20% of Indians now prefer to shop for groceries online, the use of grocery shopping apps skyrocketed by a staggering 49% during the pandemic.

The survey has also highlighted several key factors that have propelled the growth of grocery home delivery in India. These include the increasing penetration of smartphones, which has made it easier for people to access online shopping platforms. Additionally, the improved safety and hygiene standards have also played a vital role in driving the growth of the online grocery market in India.

When it comes to age and gender, online grocery delivery has become particularly popular among women between the ages of 21 and 40. According to reports, 39% of respondents said they preferred to buy groceries online from online grocery sites due to their convenience and affordability compared to traditional supermarkets or hypermarkets (the latter being slightly pricier).

Rajesh Dixit, CEO of Myntra Mart and Co-founder of BigBasket, noted that there is still a lot of untapped potential in the online grocery shopping space in India. Moreover, an interesting finding from the survey is that a majority of new users have expressed their desire to continue using online grocery apps even after the pandemic ends.

However, after reviewing the data highlighting the surge in popularity of online grocery purchases during recent times of crisis, the question remains – has it met the expectations of customers who have opted for this method?

Let’s see, the first concern you have when thinking about ordering food online is the taste that makes you want more, followed by the enticing offers that might tempt you to shop frequently, and finally, an instant delivery service that eliminates the need for you to wait for your favourite items to arrive. With all three being satisfactory, there’s no question that you’ll be clicking on the “buy now” button in no time.

The same applies to grocery shopping, convenience is the primary motivator to order groceries online, while factors such as affordability and better deals top the list. Customers also want to know that they’re getting a safe product and are able to track their order from start to finish in real time. In fact, more than 85% of respondents cited a large selection of products, availability, and price as the major motivators for using grocery shopping apps while 8% cited instant grocery delivery. However, several other advantages to it draw in more potential customers.

Busy lives definitely require smart solutions that save you time. Shopping at an online supermarket will not take more than 20 mins of your time to get it done even if you have a wide variety of products to check out. Whereas heading to an offline store will need you to schedule hours in between your busy working days and will additionally leave you with an exhausted mind and body after finishing the task.

Next is the opportunity for you to have a look at the variety of pricing options from a large pool of products during your grocery purchase online rather than just picking up the first one you see on supermarket shelves and additionally wasting your energy by walking down the aisles of the stores a number of times.

Finally, the major benefit appears. Consider that this is your first time purchasing a specific brand of supermarket item. If you have the patience to give it a shot and observe the outcomes, that’s great. However, if you were hoping for the best results right away and were ultimately let down, have you considered moving to a different product or looking into more brands?

However, online grocery shopping can save you from this situation, as you can enjoy the benefits of reading about the experience of many people who have already been there. So that you may not have to waste your money on worthless products.

Who doesn’t want more savings on their shopping trip?

What else could drive you to buy groceries online when you have such great offers and deals right on your screen? The majority of online provision stores offer a variety of promotions that help their customers complete their weekly grocery shopping while staying within their budget.

What more?

You can earn the convenience of buying your grocery goodies from local sellers who can deliver them to your home at any time while being accessible for any returns or issues. Yes, we are talking about the perks of instant grocery delivery service and reliable customer support that you can receive with online grocery shopping.

Since more than half of the survey respondents already order groceries online, it may be a wise decision to join the club without delay. So, the next time you are planning to visit an offline store for your grocery shopping, consider exploring a variety of online grocery stores that offer the best. And, don’t miss to get to know their exciting deals and coupons before you proceed and enjoy all those great perks we have discussed above.

Happy shopping folks!

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