Rice Beyond White: Different Rice Varieties at an Indian Grocery Store

Different Rice Varieties at an Indian Grocery Store

Rice is an essential part of Indian cuisine, and no Indian lunchtime is complete without it. It is not only a comforting meal that provides instant energy due to its high carb content, but it also offers various health benefits that are necessary for maintaining optimal health. There are several varieties of rice in India, apart from white rice, which differ in terms of nutritional value and cooking methods. Let’s take a closer look at different types of rice and their health benefits to help you choose the right type for your diet.

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1. Red matta Rice:

Red Matta rice is a type of rice that is grown in the coastal regions of India. It was first introduced in the state of Tamil Nadu by the British during their colonial rule. This rice has a long grain, which makes it easier to cook than other types of Indian rice like white or black matta.

The colour of the rice can vary from bright orange-red to dark red depending on its origin and growing conditions. This variety also has higher levels of iron and magnesium than other varieties, making it good for people who have difficulty absorbing iron through their digestive systems.

This type of Rice is widely eaten throughout India in various forms such as parathas (made with maida flour), kozhi pappu (fried into balls), and parippu vadai (fried into dumplings). They’re often served alongside chutneys and pickles like mint sauce or tamarind sauce when served as part of an elaborate feast at weddings or festivals.

Matta rice is low in fat and cholesterol and is also high in fibre. It’s a good option for people with diabetes who need to keep their blood sugar levels under control. Matta rice also has been found to contain magnesium iron zinc phosphorus and iron which makes it good for people with anaemia, heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity. Also, good for osteoporosis patients because it contains vitamin C which helps to prevent bone loss. It can be cooked at lower temperatures than other varieties, and it has a high starch content.

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2. Black Rice (Kavuni Rice)

Kavuni is the most common variety of rice in India, grown primarily on the coastal plains of Maharashtra and Gujarat states. The grains are medium-sized with dark red colour that resembles polished stones when dry. They have a clean taste with no huskiness or grittiness as their black counterpart does. The grain has good nutritional value because it contains all essential amino acids required by human beings for growth, development & metabolism.

Kavuni rice is a variety that has the hull removed before it’s cooked. When you remove these husks and bran from the grain, it causes the grain to expand during cooking and the fibre and vitamins contained in it are replaced with starch instead of fibre. This means that cooking rice becomes more digestible and nutritious because there is no longer any fibre in your food!

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3. Varagu Rice

Varagu Rice  is a very long-grained rabi (winter) rice with its grains 45 to 50 mm long. It is grown in the northern part of the state of Karnataka. This rice is considered one of the best varieties of rice, which has been cultivated since ancient times in India. Varagu has high nutritional value and tastes delicious when cooked with spices like turmeric powder or other herbs and spices like cumin seeds powder or coriander powder etc.,

Varagu can be eaten by itself as it absorbs oil well while cooking, but it also goes well with dal, raita or chutney!

Although this rice requires more water than other types, it can be cooked at lower temperatures due to its high starch content and thicker cell walls than most other varieties.

Varagu rice is a practical choice because it is easily accessible in an Indian grocery store or at an online grocery store.

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4. Brown Rice (Kaikuthal Rice)

Brown rice (kaikuthal) is rich in nutrients such as vitamin B, phosphorus, selenium, manganese, potassium and magnesium and is rich in fibre. The fact that brown rice is rich in fibre, protein and antioxidants is well known. This rice variety is full of flavonoids like apigenin, quercetin and luteolin – all of which are known to prevent diseases and phytonutrients for weight loss. According to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2019, eating brown rice can lower the risk of diabetes and even reduce inflammation. Choosing brown rice is a healthy option, but you need to remember that it has similar carbohydrate (17.05g per 100g) and calorie (82 cal per 100g) counts as white rice. Even so, brown rice is a good choice for those who want to lose weight in a healthy way.

Brown rice is widely available in most grocery stores, including any online grocery store where you can easily take advantage of the grocery home delivery option.


5. Kuthiraivali Rice

Kuthiraivali Rice is really famous in the origin country, India. This type of rice is widely found in India because it is considered economically affordable and tastes really good. Inside 100 g of Kuthiraivali Rice contains a plenty list of nutrients. Mostly in India, this rice is cooked during fasting days. You can make a lot of types of food based on this Kuthiraivali Rice, like porridge, dosa, and idlis. It consists of a high fiber that is good for diet and is also highly recommended for those who have a chronic disease.

Health Benefits: Kuthuraivali Rice helps you lower your triglyceride level thus reducing cholesterol level and maintaining blood sugar level. It can also be preventing your heart from having a cardiovascular disease. The iron inside it also helps promote more blood and improve your heart. It also helps the digestion system with its good amount of dietary fiber, thereby avoiding constipation by helping bowel movements.

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6. Thinai Rice

Thinai Rice’s name must be unfamiliar to several of you. Thinai rice originally comes from China. It was first found in the Middle East and Europe, but some experts said it originated in China, particularly from Peiligang culture. Right now Thinai rice is not famous only in Asia countries but also in Russia, Italy, and even North Africa. This little grain actually has many health benefits despite its shape that maybe many people do not even bother because they think it is bird seed. So here are some reasons why you should eat Thinai rice.

Health Benefits: It is a good Antioxidant. Thinai rice consists of several minerals and vitamins, one of the most important vitamins for an antioxidant function is vitamin B1. This vitamin helps control the aging process on our skin like wrinkles and age spots and also protects the organ from the side effects of our negative environment while enhancing a good memory. In fact, it is also a cure for diseases like Alzheimer’s as it slows down its symptoms.

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The next time you’re craving a bowl of rice, remember that there are many different varieties to choose from. If you have any questions about the health benefits of cooking methods for each type, don’t hesitate to ask us!

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