Nuevokart – Fresh brand for the best groceries

The name is changed but the quality is the same

The main motto of Nuevokart is to provide you with all your everyday needs at a good price without compromising the qualities and even after changing the name, they are still here to provide you the best all over Chennai. They provide you the door to door delivery and supreme packaging services. Even after switching their name, they provide you USP which is the same, high quality at the best prices under various categories of each product.

Same feature, new speed

Grocery shopping is an important need to every single person; with Nuevokart you can get these profits which we are proud of:

  • They deliver in less than One day.
  • You can add products even after placing the order.
  • They provide you the special feature of placing an order through Whatsapp, by sending pictures of your shopping list or voice notes. Whatever way you wish you can use it according to your convince.
  • They provide you with Carton Box packaging.
  • They promise you High quality of Groceries and the fresh product.
  • They deliver disinfected products with taking care of all the Guidelines.
  • They are making deliveries on the outer edge of Chennai too.
  • They care about their customers so they provide you with all of the top brands and various multiple products.
  • They provide you with all of the stuff at the wholesale price so that you don’t need to pay extra to retailer shops.
  • One of the best features of them is their in-house delivery team.


Best Quality is the first priority

Maybe there are various changes on Nuevokart, but they still focus on the quality of your products. They provide you with the best groceries at the most reasonable prices and the least delivery charges.  They make sure that the product their customer get must be of premium quality and that’s why the entire product they deliver is handpicked and fresh. They never forget the concept of “health is wealth” and this is why even after fewer cases of Corona, Nuevokart didn’t change their concept of contactless delivery and all the stuff they pack is completely sealed. One more thing, important to mention is their door-to-door delivery service which can help you in order while working to save your time and make you tireless.

Even if you live on the outer edge of Chennai City, they will deliver you your groceries at the least time they can. To make your ordering easy you can send your monthly shopping list to them via WhatsApp and they will deliver you at the wholesaler’s price with the latest offers and discounts. Even if you want to pay them after assuring your product, they accept cash on delivery and all other payments such as debit and credit card, net banking.

If you don’t like the product they deliver even after all the efforts they made, they are ready to accept it back and provide you the product you want but you have to assure that you don’t break or damage the packaging of the item they delivered. And also they provide you with amazing privacy policies which allow you to share only the information you want to share. So no matter what changes they make or as Ekart groceries or Nuevokart they promise you the quality and fresh products at your door.

What is a most Unique Service Nuevokart provides? 

When you order groceries online, it is almost impossible to refund or return the damaged product but Nuevokart accepts the damaged products and within 15 days they deliver it back to the retailer or supplier and after accepting the refund they deliver it back to the customer who is not possible with all the retailers or other online grocery services.

Not only online but you can also visit their offline wholesale store in Chennai for the offers where you are welcomed by them. Nuevokart is back with new offers, new excitement, and the new name but the same promise of quality, loyalty toward their customers, and promise of good health. So join them for exciting profits and offers.

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