How can cereals keep you healthy?

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While starting your day, it is very important to feed yourself a healthy diet. As Indians, mostly we prefer cereals but it is very important to notice that all cereals aren’t that healthy and good to start your day. Anyways there are various methods by which you can make it tasty and healthy. The first thing we need to focus on is cereal we are eating contains what and in how much quantity.

How to know that your cereal is healthy or not?

Most of the cereals we found in the market aren’t made of real grains instead of that they are made from refined grains such as cornflakes and also contain an extreme level of sugar which is not good for our health which makes our breakfast full of fat, sugar, and salt which can increase your weight or give you high blood pressure.

But when you choose a cereal that is made up of whole wheat or other grains, less sugar, and mixed up with fat-free milk and dry fruits and nuts you get so many nutrients in only one bowl. So here are a few types to make your cereal healthy and good for you with a sweet memory of your childhood.

  • It must be less sugary.

We all know those companies which manufacture Cereals usually tell us that it is sugar-free or contain less sugar but this is a white lie. Most of the cereals contain more than 5 grams of sugar which are not good as even when we choose 5 grams of sugar it means a little bit more than a tablespoon and according to the research, a make can have 9 table spoons of sugar in his whole day diet whereas 6 tablespoons are enough for a female to have a healthy diet.  So next time while picking your cereal always be careful that how much sugar your cereal contains and is that increasing the diet of sugar is more than a necessity or not. One and most important tip to remember is “Do not add additional sugar in your cereals as it can make it unhealthy”.

  • What ingredients are good to avoid.

When do we talk about sugar, which kind of sugar is also important? Is the sugar coming from fruits or is it artificial sugar? These all questions matter. Artificial sugar is dangerous whereas natural sugar is always good to use. As best for your health you can, keep away from breakfast cereals that contain added sugars, artificial and not natural elements, hydrogenated oils, and GMOs. Because such ingredients can create a high level of your blood sugar and also can boost the danger of diabetes, heart disease, and other severe illnesses.

  • What ingredients are necessary to make it healthy

The first thing to focus in Sugar level but only Accurate sugar levels do not make your breakfast healthy, you need to focus on some more ingredients such as

  • Whole Grain

Whenever you go to buy cereals prefer buying a “Whole Grain” box, look in the label for Whole Grain as whole-grain cereals are much nourishing than their progression options. Try to buy cereals rich in whole grain oats or rice or foods like quinoa or barley.

  • Fiber

Fibers are another healthy option to look at as 3 grams of fiber per serving is good for human health.

  • Protein

Proteins are good for health and also help in controlling blood sugar. Ingredients such as Nuts, oats, and seeds are protein-rich so look for them in Cereals and make them healthy with full of proteins.

  • Whole Food-based ingredients

Look for the ingredients you know such as fruits, wheat, nuts, grains, seeds. Many kinds of cereal are also super healthy with super food ingredients like cacao and maca.  So only look for the cereals whose ingredients are well known and can be pronounced by you.

  • Natural sweeteners

If there are no sweetened ingredients, that will be best for you but if it contains natural sweeteners like coconut sugar, fruits, dates, or even honey you can buy them. But always remember don’t buy more than 5grams of sugar in any manner.

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