The common varieties of rice used in Tamil Nadu

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Varieties of rice – Tamil Nadu is a place where rice is being consumed predominantly by the people in their day-to-day eats. Rice is being used to make many varieties of the main course and this is the major food for the people over here. Not only making a variety of dishes with the rice but also the people here consuming different varieties of rice in different regions. Each variety of rice in tamil nadu is specialized for a few unique dishes and each of them has its taste and benefits.

Now let us discuss the varieties of rice. You can see rice of three types, short grain, medium grain, and long grain. Short grains are the thinnest variety of rice you could find. The length of these grains is half that of the medium-grain rice and this variety of rice is mostly used while cooking sushi and Thai foods. Medium-grain rice is the common variety of rice that is used in household cooking. These are being consumed on daily basis and the texture differs depending on the country where the rice is being cultivated. Finally, the long grain rice is lengthier and lighter in weight than usual ones. This variety of rice tends to separate and become fluffy while cooking. Basmati rice is the most common variety of long grain rice.

So, now let’s talk about the different varieties of rice.

White Rice:

White rice is the common variety that you would find across the globe. This is used day in and day out by the people of the region. They make white rice as the best combo for multiple recopies and dishes cooked. In this type of rice, the layer of the husk and bran is removed. And, the texture differs according to the region where the rice is being cultivated.

Brown Rice:

Brown rice is also another common variety found. This is the next best alternative for white rice and perfectly blends with every dish that is made for white rice. Brown rice is known as healthy rice as they do not produce high carbohydrates. Rather, this variety of rice is high in vitamins, manganese, iron, and phosphorous. Here the layer of husk is removed but the bran layer stays. That makes this variety of rice a bit heavy and chewy.

Basmati Rice:

Basmati Rice is the most popular variety of rice you could see in this region. This rice is used while making Briyani and is used in Chinese cuisine as well. This is called aromatic rice, as it spreads an aroma while cooking which will trigger your appetite and make you hungry. Around the globe, 75% of Basmati rice is produced in the Indian subcontinent. This variety of rice comes under the long grain category.

Red Rice:

Red rice is a similar variant to Brown rice. This variety is commonly used to make Thai dishes and it posses’ good amount of nutrients. It has a nutty and crunchy flavor which makes it taste unique. The outer layer of red rice is hard and chewy so it takes extra time while cooking.

Flattened Rice:

This is again the most common variety of rice you would see here. It is almost the same as white rice but this variant is beaten and made flat. Flattened rice resembles dried paper cuttings. This rice has many nutritional benefits and is added to many diet plans. Flattened rice can absorb liquids like milk and water so it is being used to make various dishes.

Okay, so these are the basic varieties of rice that are being used day to day in Tamil Nadu. Now, the next question will be where you could get these grains? This is where NuevoKart plays a major role. This online grocery store has stacked up a different variety of high-quality rice which you can get at your doorstep and start making some mouth-watering recipes.

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