Why do people choose online grocery shopping?

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As we are already living in the internet era, few new practices have become a trend. A notable trend that most people follow is, ordering pins to plane online. As many leading online brands offer a variety of goods, people get influenced very easily. Recent statics says the habit of purchasing online is more observed in the section of groceries. Especially, during the series of lock-downs, people were used to getting groceries at their doorstep. So, even after the pandemic situation, purchasing groceries online has taken a peek. And a survey states that people prefer online grocery shopping to the traditional way of purchasing groceries from the supermarket or at neighboring stores. Now, let’s discuss why people prefer shopping for groceries online.


Variety of products


Psychologically, humans always have a mindset to search for something better. In grocery shopping, this psychology works at its peak and people tend to look out for many options. When we talk about options in the products during grocery shopping, it means a lot of options. I can list out a very few options which people search for in common such as, different brands, different qualities, different sizes or quantities, and also, for the best price. These options differ from person to person and from product to product. For instance, let’s take Karen is at a grocery supermarket and she is in search of sugar. To begin with, she would like to get the best quality of sugar available there, and then she would compare it with the other brands. Then, she would check for the quantity of what she wants and then the price, whether is it affordable for her. In the end, the varieties of sugar that the supermarket sells should convince Karen in all her criteria so, she would decide to buy. But most of the time, this doesn’t go as planned. Most of the supermarkets will not have many brands as options, or they won’t have different varieties to choose from, or the prices won’t be convincing the buyer for the quality or quantity of the products that the supermarket offers.

Whereas, online grocery shopping is the straight opposite of this scenario. Here you’ll find many brands which will sell similar products, and of different quantities. Also, the prices for the products are less compared to offline supermarkets. For instance, if Karen is surfing and she needs to buy sugar. Here at NuevoKart, she will find top brands which produce sugar and in different quantities from grams to Kilograms. And the prices are much lesser at NuevoKart when compared to other online or offline stores. Hence, Karen purchases what she needs. So online grocery shopping satisfies the customers as it offers what exactly they are looking for.


Dodging the shopping schedule


Usually, grocery shopping is a weekend day out for the children and a hectic time for the adults. We plan earlier, sketch a list of products we want, plan the budget, go to the grocery store, and we end up getting products which doesn’t match our list and which cross our budget. This is a very common practice which is followed by every family in our country. And, the time for our grocery shopping is always dependent on the time in which the grocery stores are opened. We need to make a schedule according to their work timings. This becomes so hectic for the people who’re occupied with their busy schedules.

This is where online grocery shopping becomes a great advantage. There is no fixed timings or fixed place to purchase the groceries. You could place your order whenever you go free. Brands such as NuevoKart are to be mentioned for their best online services. NuevoKart offers their customers to order groceries both on the website as well as through mobile applications. Handy features like these attract the customers to order their groceries online so, they could blissfully spend the weekends rather than spending it at a hectic grocery store.


Home delivery


‘Don’t forget to carry your bags’, this quote will be a highlighted reminder whenever you go out grocery shopping. Even if you could withstand the hectic period of shopping for groceries, the next hurdle will be carrying all your goods from the store to your house. Almost 90% of the grocery store does not offer home delivery and the rest 10% charge almost half of your grocery bill for home delivery. This is never an issue in online shopping as home delivery is a mandatory service for this mode of purchase. Even though a few big names like Amazon and Flipkart might charge a minimum for the delivery. And the online grocery stores which operate with vendors for delivery will also have delivery charges. Here is where NuevoKart becomes a great option for online grocery shopping. They have their delivery team which delivers all over the city. So, all the orders above Rs.750 will go out as free delivery. It is as simple as eating an apple, you just need to place your orders and within a day your order will be delivered to your doorstep.


Discounts and Coupon codes


Except for the year-end clearance sale, no offers or discounts will be given by any offline grocery stores. That too only a few stores offer these sales, and most of them won’t have any discounts. As everyone knows, the offline market doesn’t have a coupon culture. This will make customers a bit worried especially during festival season as the price will go high. Whereas in online shopping, they offer many coupon codes and discounts for their customers. Not only during festivals but NuevoKart also has discounts and offers running daily. They have daily deals which could make a huge change in your grocery shopping. And the coupon codes provided by NuevoKart are great to have your grocery bills under control.




As we discussed earlier, offline grocery shopping is time-consuming. You need to travel to the grocery store, search for the products that you need, and follow the billing queue to finish your purchase. This process will eat up your time like anything. These factors never apply while you buy groceries online. You are just clicks and touches away from choosing what you want. And the big relief is, you can skip the billing tail as you can just checkout and place your order.


As the pandemic had widened the opportunities for online shopping, experts predict a big hype in the growth of online grocery shopping. Keeping these stats, many online grocery firms are in the run to attract customers with so many offers and innovative ideas. As things are already turning to be digital, the traditional way of purchasing groceries will also become digitized in near future.

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