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If you are the one who doesn’t understand how to choose the best online grocery store in Chennai, you need to compare different stores, and sometimes it takes more time. We understand that you are a busy person. This is why we are providing a list of the best stores for you to invest in for grocery shopping, but before starting the list, first, understand these questions.

Local provision store or online groceries which are better? 

If you are in an emergency and need any groceries, you should prefer buying them from a provision store as you get things immediately. But when you buy groceries for an entire week, you should prefer buying them online as they provide you with better quality products for you and your family.


Which are the top 5 online grocery stores in Chennai?  



Nuevokart is a store which only works for Chennai ; they provide you with all fresh and healthy groceries at your home with no contact delivery. The best thing about this store is they always focus on “health”, and this is why it is essential for them to provide you with healthy food items. Another thing to mention is the variety of brands and products they offer, and the products must be sealed not only packed. They also have an offline store for any query or issue. An important thing to notice about Nuevokart is they don’t use any channel in the middle so you can quickly get all the groceries at the wholesale price. Nuevokart is one of the best online grocery store in Chennai.

Why choose Nuevokart? 

  • Same day delivery
  • You can add products even after placing the order.
  • You can place an order on Whatsapp by voice text or clicking a picture of the list.
  • They deliver you at the wholesale price.
  • No contact delivery
  • Carton box packages.
  • Premium products picked by hand.


Big basket 

Big basket is also popular as India’s biggest grocery store. They have nearly 18000 products and more than 1000 brands, not only in Chennai but in entire India. It is an excellent choice to place your order no matter from grocery to vegetable, spices, pulses, beverages, package products, personal care, and meat; no matter what you want, everything is on the store with good quality. And the critical thing to mention is their delivery services and the customer support services. But the only con of their service is that a standard delivery has to place an order one day before or 90 minutes of scheduled delivery. You can also go to their offline stores and buy good things but forget to buy carry bags.

Why pick a big basket? 

  • All groceries are available
  • You get an easy interface
  • They provide you with multiple payment modes
  • They also give lots of discounts
  • They will not useless questions while returning.


Grofers is a good choice for shopping in Chennai. People are usually found it as a competitor of all the big stores. Grofers claim themselves as the lowest price delivery. They also provide you with various categories of grocery, vegetables, beauty & wellness, household care, baby care, pet care, and meats & seafood, and deliver it on the doorsteps.

They also provide you with different offers and great offers. They also provide you membership, and if you accept it, they provide you double savings from the regular prices. You can place your order from the website or store both.

Why pick Grofers?

  • They provide you with cashback on the delivery slots.
  • 100% return and exchange policy.
  • They provide you with easy search options
  • If you are not a member, still you get free delivery on orders which are more than 1500.
  • They accept the easy return.

Amazon pantry 

Whenever we talk about online shopping, we will automatically think of Amazon. And this is why there is no wonder when they deliver the groceries to the customers. It is a store with no difference from the standard Amazon stores, bringing exclusive customers. The delivery charges they take are 30 for the prime customers and 59 non-prime customers. If you have a Prime membership, you should buy from the pantry with two days delivery.

Why pick Amazon Pantry?  

  • You get an easy way of placing orders; the experience will be the same as the Amazon shopping portal.
  • A significant number of Categories.
  • A variety of expense Modes.


Flipkart Supermarket 

Flipkart is an Indian E-commerce app that is one of the most important online shopping apps in India. It has the benefit of its already accessible client support all over India. On the other hand, Flipkart presents significant discounts in its e-commerce shopping gateways like the big Billion Sale and extra festival sales. The vast attention-grabbing between the clients is that Flipkart is bringing its grocery for still at a low price of Rs.1 for exact products, and extra of such category survives within the platform.

Why pick Flipkart Supermarket?

  • There are vast numbers of products which need to search.
  • They provide you with good delivery.
  • They also provide multiple pay-out options.
  • They also provide you ten days of the return policy
  • They also provide you free delivery to the non-premium numbers on the purchase of 1250 rupees.


These were the best online grocery store in Chennai, there are many grocery stores and supermarkets, but this is why it is hard to pick the best from them. There are far more profits when you order place online. Consider the best stores to place your order and benefit from online shopping and different special offers. Nuevokart is one of the best stores to place your order online so If you want to order dry fruit online in Chennai or for more details or buy groceries at affordable and reasonable prices with the handpicked premium quality food, visit us on

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